GTEE - Guarantee The Fitness Of Your Home 


Homeowners receive easy access to information on the products installed in their home. They also receive regular reminders about the maintenance required on their home.



The Building Amendments Act 2013 stipulates that certain products used in the construction of new dwellings be covered by warranties for a specified period.



The Building Amendments Act 2013 also stipulates that builders must supply owners with maintenance and warranty information on completion of their build.


Product Overviews

Gtee provides new homeowners and any subsequent owners with information about the products used in their new home. This includes product brochures and technical manuals



Gtee provides reminders of maintenance requirements needed to keep product warranties valid.

Many modern homes are described as ‘low maintenance’, but this does not mean ‘no maintenance’.


Good maintenance helps:

  • Minimise large maintenance requirements
  • Keep your property safe and healthy
  • Make sure guarantees remain valid
  • Protect your financial investment
  • You remain compliant with your insurance policies.


Cloud based

Your Gtee folder is cloud based and can be accessed 24/7 via the internet.

The Gtee system keeps a record of the actions taken for the life of the dwelling.


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