23 May, 2019

Top tips for reducing the cost of your build

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With section prices in Nelson Tasman spiralling out of control for many buyers, it can be very difficult to get a home-building project off the ground. The market is challenging for people across the spectrum including retirees keen to downsize to free up cash, first home buyers trying to get a foot on the property ladder, or investors wanting to capitalise on the demand for housing accommodation.

One way to achieve success is by considering a section that may not have been your first choice. Perhaps a section that is smaller than you had anticipated without views, or in a location you hadn’t previously considered. Another option is paying more than you had planned for a section with a good foundation, while building a more affordable home.

The team at Homes by Orange have years of experience in creating quality homes that cost less. Homes by Orange sales consultant Ian Armstrong describes this approach as giving clients “bang for your buck”. “We achieve a quality finish by using experienced tradesmen and superior products,” he explains.

“Unlike big national home-building companies, we’re not tied to specific suppliers so we can get multiple transparent quotes. At the same time, we’re big enough to achieve bulk buying power with good rates from suppliers that we pass on to our customers.”

Ian helped one couple achieve a house build including section in a standard subdivision in Stoke for a total budget of just $550k.

“After we presented the quote, they went away and thought about it, and decided they needed to cut back the budget. We sat down together and had an honest discussion about what they could afford, working out ways to save cost. In the end, they got a very nice home for a lot less than they thought they might have to pay.”

Ian says there are a number of measures that can be taken to reduce cost. And these options won’t necessarily undermine the overall build or reduce the footprint of the home, but can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings.

Ian’s top tips for reducing the cost of your build:

  • Type of roof – tiles are cheaper than long run, a hipped roof is cheaper than a mono-pitch
  • Type of cladding – modified plaster or brick instead of James Hardie Stria or go for James Hardie Stria instead of cedar
  • Type of windows – strategic use of window sizes and placement
  • Choice of fit-out for bathrooms and kitchen
  • Type of flooring – opt for lino, tiles or vinyl planks, rather than real wood
  • Choose a Ready To Go plan rather than a Designer or customised house plan from the Homes by Orange plan range.

Ian also suggests completing some aspects of the build at a later stage like fitting out wardrobes, completing the landscaping, or installing carpet.

For inspiration on what can be achieved with a compact home on a smaller section, visit our new Julius Place showhome in Hart Rise, Richmond, open daily from 1pm – 4pm. We would be happy to show you in person some clever ideas that can help you stick to your budget during your build.

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