25 September, 2019

Top tips for first time home builders.


Taking on a home build on your own can be a daunting prospect, especially if you talk to people who had a challenging experience. At Homes by Orange, we aim to take the stress out of building, so you can enjoy the process. Read on for some useful pointers from our Sales Consultant Ian Armstrong about how you can get the best result with the least amount of hassle.


Here's my advice to you...




Choose a suitable section for your new home

Go for a flat section on solid ground if you want to limit the cost of your build. A cheap section on a steep site or unstable land isn’t really a cheap section. If significant foundation work or retaining is required, it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in unforeseen costs.


Consider the bigger picture at the start of your design process

Think about what’s important to you. Some people love larger bedrooms, while others would rather use that extra space in their living areas where they’re likely to spend more of their time. Families with children may want a second living room to have separate spaces for young and old, while others may forego a second living area and opt for an outdoor room instead. 

Work out what you’re prepared to compromise on, and what are your ‘must haves’.


Think about the re-sale ‘must haves’ in your new home

‘Must have’ features to include in your home are very personal however, it’s important to think about re-sale to ensure you protect your investment over the long-term.

Make sure you consider features that people look for in a modern home, things like good indoor/outdoor flow, sunny, well-glazed living areas, good insulation, a modern kitchen with an island bench, a double garage, and a good outdoor deck or patio area for outdoor living.

For larger family homes people often expect an ensuite attached the master bedroom, at least four bedrooms, plenty of storage space, a separate laundry, and often a butler’s pantry. 

Most importantly, create a home that you like so that every time you come home, you feel happy in the space. 


Maximize outdoor space with a clever floor plan

A cleverly designed floor plan can reduce the overall footprint that’s required for your home. For instance, eliminate wasted space by reducing unusable areas like hallways.

Good design means your home may not need to be as large as you might think, saving you precious dollars, and allowing for a more spacious garden area. Remember every square metre costs!

Over-use of corners in your house design will also cost extra money due to the additional build time and materials involved. Try to keep your floor plan simple yet effective.


Bring in the professionals when deciding on interior design

There are lots of decisions when building a home, from the shape of the scotia to the position of the sink. It pays to bring in an interior designer at the beginning of the process to take some of the stress out of the decision-making. An interior designer will help you make decisions on paint colour, flooring choices, window coverings and more – tailored to suit your budget.

A good interior designer will often have their finger on the pulse on current trends, but will also advise on timeless options, so you don’t need to overhaul your décor when fashions change. Homes by Orange provide an interior designer as part of our service. We encourage you to use one!


Make a budget and stick to it

Try to make any changes to your house plan right at the outset, before you sign the building contract. This will avoid extra costs from variations to the contract and additional delays to the build. Some people have been known to make up to 30 changes before the plan goes to Council, which creates considerable stress, hassle and delays.

Be firm on your budget and as disciplined as you can. Most people tend to start in the middle when choosing items for their new home as part of the budgeting process on paper, but often scale up from there when it comes time to make the purchase. All those little increases in the specification to things like cladding, flooring, fixtures and fittings add up, and it can be quite alarming when the total bill for every item is added together.


Homes by Orange Sales Consultant Ian Armstrong has been working in the home-build industry for nearly five years and has built three of his own homes.


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