Sales Administration and Marketing

Since toddling around “helping” her mother choose colours for the Orange show home, hanging out at the office after school and working behind the bar at the Orange Christmas parties, Mackenzie Orange has been part of the furniture at Orange for nearly twenty years.

Moving into the family business in 2017 as sales administrator has been a natural fit for the bubbly, motivated and extremely organised 25-year-old and she’s loving the role. “Our whole family has been involved in the business from the get go. It’s all I’ve known. I’m still working out my favourite part of the job.”

Mackenzie is now getting first-hand experience of the build process, with the construction of her own Richmond home through Orange. “It’s a very cool process and it’s surprisingly easy. You get a house exactly as you want it.”

When she’s not in the office, Mackenzie spends her time in the outdoors, fishing and diving or running after her new puppy.


Contact Mackenzie on:

03) 543 9002

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